Managing Arthritis



Recently, I learned that a family friend’s daughter was displaying signs of early onset of arthritis. It was likely a complication due to some conditions that run in her family, but it sure wasn’t pleasant to learn. Arthritis is one of those things you associate with old people, not kids barely out of their teens.


Joint areas do tend to wear down. All that bending and shifting causes them to degrade over time. It’s why some athletes might display that sign of wear and tear earlier than average, I guess.


Naturally, once I learned about the problem, I was curious. I looked into arthritis, what might cause it to pop up early, and learn a thing or two about keeping it contained. There’s no real way to make it go away permanently, but there’s plenty of ways to learn how to live with it and keep it limited in effect.


There are a lot of causes for someone to have early arthritis. Sometimes, it’s because of their activities or genetics. There are instances when diet can cause it to appear earlier than usual, especially if you have high uric acid concentrations in your blood.


Swelling is going to be a significant issue to contend with.


There are a few ways to counter that, at least. Cutting down on red meat is advisable. As far as I understand it, you’ll probably want to cut out soy and nuts, too. On the other hand, increase your intake of fish and garlic. Those are known to help reduce swelling.


It might be a good idea to get more exercise.


On the onset, the pain from arthritis can make it hard to walk. However, once that subsides, you’ll want to exercise. The endorphins will help dull any pain response you get. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, in case the cause of the problem is worn-down cartilage.


Physiotherapy is an excellent way to get help.


A lot of physiotherapies is aimed towards helping the body. Whether that’s reducing stress, alleviating pain, or just helping you adjust to your circumstances, they can help. I’d suggest you to view more about them, learn about what they offer.


There are probably other methods out there. Some of them are more pseudoscience or questionable than others, while some are tried and true methods. Hot-and-cold treatments are perhaps among the most effective, but they can be a bit of a hassle.